Mantis Munchies

Day 3: April 08th, 2017

When preparing for our praying mantises we knew that we would have to give them a steady supply of live insects in order for them to live.  This is why as soon as they hatched, we ordered 250 pinhead crickets.  However, the crickets were late and we were concerned about our freshly hatched babies.

As an act of desperation, we decided to put some raw ground beef on a few of the sticks in the enclosure and to our delight they loved it!! The praying mantises instantly flocked to the raw meat and began gorging themselves.  While the mantids did eat this, it’s important to note that they can not live healthily on a diet of only raw meat.  Praying mantises require live insects’ chitin in order to properly grow their own exoskeleton.

In an attempt to find other ways to gather food, we turned on our porch light and waited for any bugs to wander by.  An unlucky moth was caught and put into the tank.  Within a few minutes one of our skilled babies had already snatched it! The joy a mother feels when her child first sucks the life out another being is indescribable. Knowing that our children were no longer hungry put us at ease as we waited for our pinhead crickets to arrive.



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