Welcome to Mantis Atlantis

Day One: April 05th, 2017

So how did two 21 year old Ohio State students obtain this magical egg sac, you ask? The sac was found the beginning of March during an ecology lab on a field on campus.  We were able to store the sac in the fridge for a couple weeks to prevent early hatching.  We then gathered moss, twigs and rocks from a local stream to set up a 10 gallon tank.  An inch of Exo Terra substrate was first placed, then moss and lastly small branches and twigs for climbing.

On March 20th, we placed the egg sac in the tank knowing it would take a couple weeks before it hatched.  On April 2nd, we started putting a light over the tank during day. The morning of April 5th, we noticed the mantids hanging from the egg sac, shown in the header picture. We estimate 100-150 nymphs were hatched.  We then ordered some pinhead crickets online for their first food.

Later in the day, we discovered that a good amount had escaped from a small hole in the lid, even with it taped down. We wrangled these escapees (approx 50), and portioned them into 7 mason jars with damp paper towels and a couple twigs.  We covered the jars and replaced the tank lid with saran wrap, making sure there were enough holes for sufficient air flow without allowing them to escape. We made sure to spritz both the tank and the jars every few days to keep humidity up, then awaited our pinhead crickets.


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